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Basic information

  • The main goal of the Netzwerk-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kullenhof e.V. (i.e. Network Club) is to extend the university network to the residents of the Kullenhof dorm, thus providing them with access to the DFN.
  • All IT services in the Kullenhof dorm are provided by the Netzwerk-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kullenhof e.V..
  • After moving in, residents are eligible to register at my.kullenhof.
  • Due to regulatory requirements a verification is required. Please visit us during office hours next to the yellow machine in House 4 (Addr. No. 60).
  • The monthly membership fee of the Netzwerk-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kullenhof e.V. is €5,00 including 19% VAT. The fee can be payed in cash or via methods as described at my.kullenhof.
  • Connecting to the Internet is possible via Cable or WiFi. The WiFi network covers most of the dorm.
  • The creation of personal WiFi networks is not permitted.
  • The maximum network speed between the dorm and the RWTH Aachen is 20GBit/s. Connecting via Cable is suggested for optimal speed.
  • Network cables and adapters can be purchased from the vending machine in the House 3 laundry room.
  • If you have any issues or questions regarding the network, write a Ticket. In special cases we are also reachable at the E-Mail adress:

Next office hours

Always in House 4 (Addr. No. 60) in the NetzAG office.

The Network club consists solely of volunteers. If you have an interest in Servers, Networks, Software or finances; or simply want to get involved in the dorm, come visit us during the next office hours. The only requirement is motivation.

Machine for payment